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Rev share programs are not new, but they remain popular because of their "lifetime" benefits that increase payment for each sale your lead generates.

Get More Payments with the Revenue Share Program

An affiliate program as revenue per share lets an affiliate earn money for as long as their leads continue making purchases. Thus they receive a certain percentage from the initial sale and a further percentage from the recurring payments their leads generate. The percentage may vary depending on the offers, geo-location, and other factors. The revenue share model is also beneficial for publishers, because their revenue depends on the number of offers, countries, and recurring installs and purchases from real clients.

Revenue Share Advantages

Wide Range of Marketing Tools

Get all the marketing tools you need to increase profit and optimise your work.

Full Access to Reporting and Statistics

Data transparency creates trust-based business relations between publishers and affiliates.

Qualified 24/7 Support

All your issues will be handled any time of the day by our assistant managers.